(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

How to register a new company on Casafolio?

To register your business on Casafolio, use the section'' Add My Business'' on the main menu. First, you'll need to create a general account with your name and email address. After your email confirmation, you will subsequently be directed to the ''Business Dashboard'' where you will be able to add and manage the information about your company(ies), such as adding projects and photos.

How to add a new project to my company?

To add a new project to your business, you must be connected to your business account and access the '' Business Dashboard '' Table section. The '' Business Dashboard '' section is your editing panel for all your company information including your projects. You will then be able to easily add projects in my projects section on the left under the main tab ''Your Company''.

How to add images to my project?

To add new images to your projects, you must be logged into your account and go to the '' Business Dashboard '' Table section from the top menu. By selecting the My Projects section, select the project in which you want to add an image and click edit. Then click on the'' Add photos to this project'' button and you will be able to update all the images in the project.

How do I change the contact information of my company?

To edit contact information for your business, visit your '' Business Dashboard '' in the corporate information section in the main tab '' Your company ''. It is good to note that you have access to '' Business Dashboard '' only by logging into your account via the section '' Login '' in the main menu.

How to get the best search results for my business?

The Casafolio search engine takes into account several criterias for business search. By completing a good company profile you will have better chances to appear in the results. A good description of your business is far from negligible and is your first step. But still, your profile should include as many projects and pictures as possible to reach the user. We try every day to improve our search engine and all the news about the research will be provided.

How to get the best search results for my projects and accomplishments?

The search tool also uses Casafolio business projects in their search criteria. The projects are listed by most recent or by a keyword search in the search bar. Because projects are listed by most recent, the more projects you add, the better you will be seen. Make sure to add accurate project description so consumers can easily find it. Don't forget that the better your project is, the more chances you will have that users share it on their social networks.

I can't find my company after registration. What can I do?

After subscribing to Casafolio, you can claim your profile by visiting 2 different sections. The first is via the tab '' Add My Business '' and the second is directly in the business profile page by clicking '' Claim this business''. If your business can't be found in the search bar, please ensure first that all information relating to your business are complete and that projects have been added to your business.

How to use the search bar and maximize results?

To optimize your search results with the search bar, keep in mind that the search engine of Casafolio draws directly in companies and projects information to find relevant results. If you do not find a company or a particular project, it is possible that the information and description of the profile were not properly saved. To make a wider search, you can still use the '' Category '' section of the site to direct you to a complete list of contractors.

How do I change my password?

Once you have subscribed on Casafolio, you can change your password in your '' Business Dashboard '' under '' My personal information '' tab.